The Journey, in lines

After more than 17 years in this career and this amazing field, it is my pleasure to share these achievements in summary and key projects I have worked on

This long journey has many ups and downs, several challenges with milestones and goals have been achieved.

I assessed what has been performed and achieved throughout this journey and it was really so great for me, thanks Allah.

Healthcare projects
  • Design more than 50 healthcare facility projects differ from private, public, and investment sectors with bed capacity range from 125 to 1700beds.

  • Design +40M sq.ft of healthcare facilities with bed capacity over 10k beds.

  • One of the key projects is Security Forces Medical Center nominated as SFMC. It is a mega healthcare complex with total BUA of 22.5M sq.ft which consists of mega hospital 5.5M sq.ft with 1700bed capacity, utility buildings, residential buildings, grand mosque and academic building.
    The Project is located in Riyadh which the design is completed and another one in Jeddah which still in progress.
    I am leading one of the design groups to design mechanical systems for those two medical cities in KSA with bed capacity of 1,700beds each. I was leading the design team in Cairo and representing the team in Riyadh working closely with all parties and key stakeholders mechanical lead engineer for the project entirely.
    Total built up area of each city is around 22.5M sq.ft, and the hospital itself has BUA of 5.5M sq.ft

two men wearing blue lab coats
two men wearing blue lab coats

As Sustainability and LEED Consultant, I have worked in 8 projects with statistical as follows

  • Sustainability and LEED consultant for +15M sq.ft

  • Four projects of them are mega projects with total built up area exceeding 2.5M sq.ft

  • LEED Gold certificate achievement for +6M sq.ft

  • Create and maintain the MEP sustainability standard in the firm and share the knowledge and the interpretation of the relevant codes and standards from USGBC, ASHRAE, and ICC within the firm.

person showing green leaf
person showing green leaf
Mega projects
  • Working in more than 25 mega projects with total built up area around 80M sq.ft

  • Applications are diversified as healthcare, commercial malls, institutional Buildings, and administrative buildings.

A tall skyscraper in Toronto against a pale blue sky
A tall skyscraper in Toronto against a pale blue sky
Project Management
  • Managing 8 projects with total built up area exceeding 15M sq.ft

  • Two mega malls, four hospitals, one admin complex, and one data center.

  • Representing the firm in front of key stakeholders, and leading the design process.

sticky notes on corkboard
sticky notes on corkboard
  • Attend +400 hours of training in different aspects through this 17years journey.

  • Diversified in technical, soft skills, and management aspects

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
  • Lecturing +100hours of Healthcare facilities MEP design and Sustainability Initiatives.

  • The founder of learning academy called "". It reflects my thoughts of learning and knowledge sharing as a lifelong process leading to the professioncy level and continued.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all who has a contribution in this journey.
My first mentor the father رحمه الله تعالى and my elder brothers and sisters, my mentor Eng. M. Khalaf, my family, my wife, son and daughter and my mentors and colleagues who teach me, mentored me, gave me the chance to add my points of strength and worked with me for my weaknesses and I was not shy to show that weakness in front of them.
person holding Thanks card
person holding Thanks card